top 13 of 2013

Life has drastically changed from this time last year, when I wrote the 12 of 2012 to sum up things up. The big change, obviously, is that we moved from the DC area to Belgrade. As a consequence, lots of other changes happened, and now I have a year full of things that belong in the top 13 — and I’m having trouble deciding!

So I’ve decided I am going to spread out the top 13 over the first days of 2014, a way to think back and appreciate life while starting a new year.

question mark kafana

What will 2014 bring? Perhaps a trip to the restaurant pictured above, restaurant/kafana “?”? Supposedly it was the first restaurant in Belgrade, and although we learned about it, we have yet to go.

Check back as the rest of the top 13 of 2013 are published in the coming days!

  1. The end of language training
  2. Cherry blossoms
  3. Georgetown Stonewalls
  4. Belgrade
  5. Punch Brothers and Chris Thile concerts
  6. The girls came to visit
  7. Plitvice Lakes
  8. Mondo
  9. Paris for my birthday
  10. Lake Bled
  11. Vienna Christmas markets
  12. Chrystin gets married
  13. Bagels

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