the 13 of 2013: plitvice lakes

We’ve seen a lot of cool stuff in the first few years of our marriage, and of those cool things,  Croatia’s Plitvice Lakes National Park ranks up there. There are 16 interconnected, cascading lakes, and the color of the water is unreal. There are tons of waterfalls and the whole place seems magical. I realized that I never actually wrote about our trip here, although I did feature the view from our hotel as well as a picture of the lakes in my Snapshot Sunday series. If you’re going to Croatia and want to see more than just the coast (the coast is fantastic), I urge you to consider going to see these lakes. We chose to take the route where you take a tram to the top and walk down from there, at some point taking a boat across one of the lakes. We got some exercise, but nothing too strenuous. Much of the path goes over parts of lakes and is made of slats of boards that are sometimes wet, so we had to watch our step. We also brought Scarlett, and her paws are so small that she couldn’t safely walk and we took turns carrying her (she had no problem with that!).

plitvice waterfalls


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