the 13 of 2013: paris for my birthday

This year, we went to Paris for my birthday. We took a few extra days to make a long weekend longer and had a wonderful time. Neither of us had been to Paris before but we both really enjoyed being there — I loved it (duh). On my actual birthday, we saw some pretty churches, went to one of the best bookstores ever (Shakespeare and Company, of course), had a fantastically parisian lunch experience, shopped, got sugar comas from sinful hot chocolate and macarons, and enjoyed some nice wine. It was perfect.

eiffel tower

Note: this picture was not taken on my actual birthday, as it was raining that day. In case you didn’t know, it always rains on my birthday; this time, it only added charm to the whole experience.


4 thoughts on “the 13 of 2013: paris for my birthday

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  1. Love this picture of the Eiffel Tower, it is just such a beautiful structure and so iconic. What a wonderful birthday present to be able to go to Paris, when I visited Paris it was raining every day but the city was still so beautiful even in the rain. 🙂

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