scarlett is four: dog birthday cake recipe

It was recently Scarlett's birthday -- our baby poodle is now four years old! Very exciting. Although we didn't throw a party like we did for her second birthday, I did bake her the same cake as I did then. The humans (Grant, my brother who was visiting at the time, and myself) weren't as... Continue Reading →

scarlett turns 3!

Today, our beloved poodle princess turns three years old. She's one special puppy, and finding her in Uzbekistan was one of the greatest things that has ever happened to us -- it's funny how life works sometimes. Happy birthday, Poodlica!

ombre almond cake with raspberry filling

As I recently mentioned, it was  Scarlett's birthday earlier this week. To celebrate it, I decided to make a cake, even though I haven't made one in years (literally. something happened to one of my cake pans before I arrived in Tashkent and I didn't purchase a new set until right before packout for Belgrade, so... Continue Reading →

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