the 15 of 2015: hello brussels

Other than leaving our life in Belgrade, it is safe to say that starting a new one here in Brussels ranks up there for big things that happened to us in 2015. After a fun and busy home leave and a few days of consultations in muggy DC, we hopped on a plane and landed in rainy Brussels. As the plane broke through the clouds to land, I wondered when we would next see the sun!

All joking aside, I really didn’t know what the rest of our time here would look like but all I knew was that it was in the mid-90s when we left DC and it was maybe 60 in Brussels… in July. We’ve had a fair amount of sun these past few months and although there’s not much of it now, my morning sun lamp ritual helps a lot.IMG_3499.jpg

We really love living here. What’s not to love about being in the land of beer and chocolate (and right next door to some of the best wine country in the world)? Well, I guess it would really help if the gyms had longer hours. Really, though: it is rare to find one open before 8 am, and the weekend hours are very abbreviated.

Even if we can’t make it to the gym, we do spend a lot of time walking and plan on using our bikes more when the weather is a bit warmer. There are tons of great parks all over the city. And if we want to go just a little bit farther from home? There are a lot of castles with beautifully kept grounds all across the country.

Like being in any new place, life here comes with its frustrations; those are definitely overshadowed by the many benefits. Brussels may not be the most exciting city in the world, but there is always something going on if one knows where to look!


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  1. When posted in the Netherlands we learned that there is no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothing. Gortex up, become impermeable and get out there moving! Biking in the rain and snow is exhilarating and will help with the grey days a lot.

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