thinking about our traveling life

Life in the Foreign Service invariably means a life of traveling: it's a good thing we like to see new places!


it’s been a minute

... since I actually wrote something here. Sorry about that. I am sitting in the corner of one of my favorite coffee shops, wondering how to write a post that will bring my blog back to life. Or really what to write in such a post. There is so much to say I don't know where... Continue Reading →

the 15 of 2015: scarlett’s golden ticket

When one lives in Europe, the thing to have for one's pet is, without a doubt, an EU pet passport. As we live in Europe and now live in a country that is within the Schengen area, one of my first moves was to get one for Scarlett. Sure, she has an Uzbek pet passport and... Continue Reading →


the 15 of 2015: hello brussels

Other than leaving our life in Belgrade, it is safe to say that starting a new one here in Brussels ranks up there for big things that happened to us in 2015. After a fun and busy home leave and a few days of consultations in muggy DC, we hopped on a plane and landed... Continue Reading →


the 15 of 2015: the end of a tour

One of the biggest things that happened to us in 2015 was that we finished up our tour in Belgrade. Our feelings on this were definitely bittersweet: it is hard not to be excited to move on when one is moving on to a cool city like Brussels, but we really loved living in Belgrade.... Continue Reading →


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