the 15 of 2015: brussels goes on lockdown

Although I prefer to highlight the best things that have happened in the past year, I didn't want to ignore┬ásome of the other important things, including that time Brussels went into total lockdown following the terror attacks in Paris. Our first two overseas posts happened to be in places where the US Embassy had been... Continue Reading →

the 15 of 2015: christmas markets with my parents

My parents came to visit us in the beginning of December, which was the perfect time to explore more of Europe's Christmas markets. There are so many options within easy striking distance that I did quite a lot of research to figure out where we should go. We did go to the Brussels markets and... Continue Reading →

the 15 of 2015: a wedding!

We had a great trip back to the US this past fall for the wedding of one of our college friends. I was lucky enough to know the groom because of Grant, as they were roommates for half of college, so we inevitably spent a lot of time together. The wedding itself was gorgeous, and... Continue Reading →

the 15 of 2015: epic road trip

Shortly before we packed out from Belgrade, we went on an truly epic road trip down Serbia to Macedonia, Greece, and Albania. This trip has been on my to blog about list ever since we took it. We spent a night at a beautiful vineyard in Macedonia, then stopped at Meteora in Greece -- where... Continue Reading →

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