the 15 of 2015: epic road trip

Shortly before we packed out from Belgrade, we went on an truly epic road trip down Serbia to Macedonia, Greece, and Albania. This trip has been on my to blog about list ever since we took it. We spent a night at a beautiful vineyard in Macedonia, then stopped at Meteora in Greece — where 13 monasteries are built on top of these bizarre, huge rock outcroppings. This was followed by a few days on the Ionian sea in Greece, checking out places where Odysseus was, eating great seafood meals, and exploring hidden beaches.

Then we went into Albania, where we visited the incredible archeological site of Butrint before spending time driving the Albanian Riviera (yes, there is such a place!). We checked out some other cool spots in Albania (Syri i Kalter or the “Blue Eye” and Gjirokaster, birthplace of former dictator Enver Hoxha) before staying on Lake Ohrid in Macedonia for a few days.

Lake Ohrid is one of the oldest lakes in the world and it is huge! There are a number of interesting monasteries around it but I think the true highlight for us was the incredible company we found at Vila Bisera, where we stayed. Our first night there, the guy who runs it cooked us and some other guests dinner! The overall experience was one of those things that really seems to happen only in books or movies… except that it actually did happen to us. Thinking back, I can hardly believe it — and I hope I’ll get around to writing more about this trip on the blog sometime soon!

We also took TONS of incredible photos, so it was hard to choose just a couple to put here…

Meteora, Greece
along the Albanian Riviera
Lake Ohrid, Macedonia

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