the 15 of 2015: a wedding!

We had a great trip back to the US this past fall for the wedding of one of our college friends. I was lucky enough to know the groom because of Grant, as they were roommates for half of college, so we inevitably spent a lot of time together. The wedding itself was gorgeous, and took place in North Carolina at the end of October, during a particularly beautiful weekend.

Neither Grant nor I had been to this part of the state before, and we really enjoyed exploring the area just in time to appreciate the beautiful autumn foliage. Of course we also indulged in many great meals, including some great Carolina BBQ and our first chicken biscuits! (It should also come as no surprise to those who know us that our first meal off the plane was Chick-Fil-A, which is one chain Europe is sorely missing! It would fit right in since everything is already closed on Sundays…) We even managed to see a friend we had met in Belgrade but who is now living in NC: it was a packed weekend!


The rustic wedding was a great opportunity for us to catch up with a number of other college friends, some of whom we hadn’t seen since our wedding — unfortunately a much-too-common occurrence, since we moved overseas right away and have hardly been back. Time has been flying by so quickly!

We’re happy that the couple whose nuptials we celebrated has relocated to the DC area, which serves as our home base, so we expect to see much more of each other in the coming years.


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