the 15 of 2015: a wedding!

We had a great trip back to the US this past fall for the wedding of one of our college friends. I was lucky enough to know the groom because of Grant, as they were roommates for half of college, so we inevitably spent a lot of time together. The wedding itself was gorgeous, and... Continue Reading →

scarlett is four: dog birthday cake recipe

It was recently Scarlett's birthday -- our baby poodle is now four years old! Very exciting. Although we didn't throw a party like we did for her second birthday, I did bake her the same cake as I did then. The humans (Grant, my brother who was visiting at the time, and myself) weren't as... Continue Reading →

ombre almond cake with raspberry filling

As I recently mentioned, it was ¬†Scarlett's birthday¬†earlier this week. To celebrate it, I decided to make a cake, even though I haven't made one in years (literally. something happened to one of my cake pans before I arrived in Tashkent and I didn't purchase a new set until right before packout for Belgrade, so... Continue Reading →

happy birthday scarlett!

Today is Scarlett's second birthday! It is hard to believe that she hasn't been in our life forever. We love our poodle girl so much and, apparently, so does everyone else. We had some of our neighbors over for a little celebration (cake!) and they came bearing gifts! As if we don't spoil her enough.... Continue Reading →

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