happy birthday scarlett!

Today is Scarlett’s second birthday! It is hard to believe that she hasn’t been in our life forever. We love our poodle girl so much and, apparently, so does everyone else.

We had some of our neighbors over for a little celebration (cake!) and they came bearing gifts! As if we don’t spoil her enough.

the birthday girl, in all of her glory, patiently waiting for the guests to arrive
the ombre (I’ve been told ombre is “in” right now) birthday cake I made for the humans to consume: almond cake with raspberry filling and swiss meringue buttercream (recipe to follow in a future post)
the birthday bone cake I made just for Scarlett — she loved it!

I also took her on a puppy play date this morning, and she was only minorly bratty, so I’d say it was a success. The puppy she played with was a stray that someone adopted, so no one knows exactly how old she is, but she is 11 pounds and just a tiny bit bigger than Scarlett. They enjoyed barking and chasing each other, and it was a lot of fun for everyone because they both are incredibly sweet and very playful. I’m already looking forward to having another play date soon!

It was a busy birthday and she seemed to enjoy every moment of it. She knew there was something special going on so she seemed particularly excited about everything, and I know she is very pleased with her new toys. Happy birthday Scarlett!


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  1. I agree with Chris! I still can’t get over that cake. I expect you will come home and make me one in October 🙂

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