the 15 of 2015: fun in the summer sun

Although we did not get a ton of time in the US in between tours this time around, we were able to spend a good chunk of what we did have at the beach in New Jersey. We took advantage of the beautiful summer weather and did a lot of biking, swimming, and kayaking.

We got a pedal kayak it is seriously the most fun toy yet! It is much faster and more efficient than a regular kayak, and unlike biking, you get to do it on the water. Even Scarlett liked going in it — she’d hop right on as soon as it was in the water!


We also used the powerboat a lot and came up with a new way to spend the day in the boat: we took the boat across the bay to the next island, where we we anchored and hung out in and around the boat. We would pack a lunch and a cooler full of drinks, then buy ice cream from this guy who sells ice cream, cold drinks, and even hot dogs… and he’ll deliver them to your boat! Quite the entrepreneur.

We even walked across the short stretch of the island to hang out on that beach on the ocean side. The best part about this was that, unlike the beaches we normally go to, this one allows dogs! Scarlett had a great time running around but got very anxious when either of us went into the water.

It is nice to think back on summer fun, especially when the weather is cold, dark, and rainy likes it’s been here!


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  1. Pedal kayaking sounds interesting! Is it the same idea as a paddle boat, just in a kayak? Sounds like a great way to get in some exercise and a good tan at the same time. 🙂

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