the 15 of 2015: fun in the summer sun

Although we did not get a ton of time in the US in between tours this time around, we were able to spend a good chunk of what we did have at the beach in New Jersey. We took advantage of the beautiful summer weather and did a lot of biking, swimming, and kayaking. We... Continue Reading →

beogradska regata

Last Sunday, Grant participated in the Belgrade Regatta with our 75-year-old neighbor; I was voluntold to drive. The Belgrade Regatta is not a regatta in the normal sense, in that the point is not to race. Basically, lots of people pile onto rafts (or anything else that floats) and float down the Sava river for... Continue Reading →

watermelon granita

I love watermelon and recently, I've been taking advantage of the rock-bottom prices (we've found them for as low as roughly 8 cents/lb) and delicious melons that Serbia has to offer.  My latest thing is making watermelon granita. Not only is it delicious and refreshing but it also looks pretty impressive -- yet is incredibly... Continue Reading →

sautéed corn with basil

Having grown up in New Jersey, that meant summers full of fresh fruits and vegetables (New Jersey is, after all, the Garden State!). There are a number of things New Jersey does particularly well: blueberries, corn, and tomatoes are the big three. We always had corn or tomatoes at dinner every night during the summer... Continue Reading →

semi-homemade grilled pizza

The other night, my sister Laura and I made grilled pizza for dinner, which many people never think of doing. In college, every internship I had was unpaid, but I did manage to walk away with books from every one of them. My first internship was at a magazine and one of my writing jobs... Continue Reading →

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