visitors in belgrade

For the past few weeks, we’ve had a stream of visitors and we won’t be without at least one until August. I love having visitors! My youngest sister is the only one left now; it is great having someone else here who is just as eager to explore Belgrade as I am.

While having visitors, we’ve checked out many places, both in Belgrade and around the country. In fact, we even spent a long weekend in Croatia! I hope to get around to writing more details about some of these trips, but I will say that I continue to love it here. I’ve also realized I am glad we are living in Belgrade. It is a really cool city with a different feel from anywhere else I’ve ever been.

one of the many cafes located in the pedestrian area of downtown Belgrade
one of the many cafes located in the pedestrian area of downtown Belgrade

Some have compared it to New York City, due to the 24/7, nonstop lifestyle (and big night life scene), I think. There are always people out and about , and Belgrade is known for its party scene. But there’s also a large cafe culture. At any point in the day, one can find Belgraders sitting in cafes, drinking anything from coffee to juice to rakija. They like their drinks. Sometimes, when we’re looking for a new restaurant to try, all we come across are cafes, with people lounging around, drinking. I’m not sure when people actually eat. Or sleep. Or work, for that matter…

There are gorgeous buildings and hideous ones, the occasional cobblestone street, and outdoor markets galore. There’s also at least one bakery on every block, and many of them double as cafes. We are certainly looking forward to trying out a few more in the upcoming days. Happy almost Friday!


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