looking back: a regret

As PCS (permanent change of station, i.e. moving time) season is upon us, I've taken a moment to think back on what I miss most from our last assignment and what I think I'll miss most from this one. Life in the Foreign Service is a life inevitably full of nostalgia, as any life that is... Continue Reading →

belgrade: the good and the bad

I'm hopping on the Foreign Service bloggers bus and adding my list of the best and worst of Belgrade. The list has been fun to think about, especially as we are in the last weeks of our tour here. Pros Travel opportunities: There are so many great travel opportunities that I don’t even know where I... Continue Reading →

the 14 of 2014: social media workshop

By far the best thing that happened in my "professional" life this year was that I won a contract to conduct a social media marketing workshop for the directors of the American Corners in Serbia. American Corners are resource centers providing information about American culture and the English language, and are located in host institutions such as... Continue Reading →

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