cook and book

In early September, we took a little day trip to Maastricht, in the Netherlands. Partly because we wanted to visit a new place and partly because I specifically wanted to visit the cool bookstore there that I had read about in an article on beautiful bookstores around the world. Our trip was great and someday... Continue Reading →

fun in bruges

Whenever someone found out our next assignment was going to be Brussels, nine times out of ten that person would ask, "Oooh, and are you going to visit Bruges?" (And no, we have not yet seen the movie In Bruges -- but it is on the to-watch-soon list.) Friends of ours who have served in Brussels twice recommended... Continue Reading →

the 13 of 2013: mondo

Grant and I went back to Croatia a few months later, except this time we went to Istria for truffle season. This had been a dream of mine for some time and, ever since we watched Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations episode, we had really wanted to go to a number of specific places and restaurants... Continue Reading →

visitors in belgrade

For the past few weeks, we've had a stream of visitors and we won't be without at least one until August. I love having visitors! My youngest sister is the only one left now; it is great having someone else here who is just as eager to explore Belgrade as I am. While having visitors,... Continue Reading →

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