serbian food, belgrade restaurants

I recently had my first taste of Serbian food — and it was delicious. We went to this hole-in-the-wall place downtown that Grant had previously been to, and as we were on the early side, we had the place nearly to ourselves. We had the very traditional, very Serbian ćevapi. Grilled ground meat, but nothing like a hamburger; it looks more like small sausages, and they are stuffed into a piece of bread similar to pita.

Some people are very partial to “their” ćevapi place, and I wonder if I will become one of them. I’ve only had them once so I am certainly very far away from having a favorite Serbian restaurant.

ćevapi -- Grant was right, they were delectable!
ćevapi — Grant was right, they were delectable!

Before coming to Serbia, we had also heard a lot about various salads that are very popular here. So far, my favorite has been a šopska salad that I had at an Italian restaurant: diced vegetables (tomato, pepper, cucumber) with Serbian goat cheese on top, and olive oil and vinegar served on the side. This time of year is the best time for these salads, as all the ingredients are very fresh. I’ve been eating as much in-season fruit as I can, because the seasons for each fruit aren’t necessarily very long and then when they are over, it can be much harder to find that fruit in the city, and much more expensive.

Since we’ve been here, while we have mostly cooked at home for dinner, we have also eaten out at a Japanese restaurant, which had good sushi, and a Korean restaurant that also seemed to be pretty authentic. Not that I would really know what authentic Korean food is, since I’ve never been to Korea, but it was good and the chef was Korean.

There’s an Italian place we’d like to try, in addition to a Lebanese place, a pizza place, and a certain Serbian restaurant that apparently is hard to find. The diversity of cuisine is very welcome here — I’ve  heard a rumor that there is a Thai restaurant — lots of Chinese food, KFC, McDonald’s, even a couple of Va Pianos. Options are good, especially when it comes to food.


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