the 14 of 2014: bidding

Without a doubt, one of the biggest things to happen to us in 2014 was going through our first season of mid-level bidding. In the U.S. Foreign Service, the first two assignments are "directed" -- which means officers have little-to-no say in where they go. With the first assignment, a big bid list comes out toward... Continue Reading →

the key to staying happy at post

Theresa over at Subject Verb Object had the great idea to start a "blog rejuvenation" series with weekly prompts, for us Foreign Service bloggers. This past week's prompts were about staying happy at post (even when everything is going wrong) and doing things for ourselves. In what is becoming my MO, I am behind. I meant to... Continue Reading →

the 13 of 2013: Belgrade

The biggest thing that happened in 2013 was that we moved back overseas, to Belgrade, Serbia. I did write an update about our first week here, and as we are into month eight of being here I think we can safely say we love it -- and it is not the honeymoon phase talking, because... Continue Reading →

the power of slipcovers

Taking a cue from Hardship Homemaking, I've decided it is time to write about the slipcovers that dramatically changed the look of our apartment. When we first opened the door to the apartment, I was a bit disappointed to see that we had been issued the infamous "old" Drexel Heritage line of furniture. Since the... Continue Reading →

housing in belgrade

So it finally happened: we found out where we will be living for the next two years! One of the many perks of Foreign Service life is that we are usually assigned housing from a pool of properties owned or rented by the US government. The size of one's house depends on the availability and... Continue Reading →

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