the key to staying happy at post

Theresa over at Subject Verb Object had the great idea to start a “blog rejuvenation” series with weekly prompts, for us Foreign Service bloggers. This past week’s prompts were about staying happy at post (even when everything is going wrong) and doing things for ourselves.

In what is becoming my MO, I am behind. I meant to blog last week, but, well, I didn’t. Things have been pretty crazy here with lots of visitors, trips, and other things going on, so I’m playing catch-up. adriatic sunset

The ocean makes me happy. That being said, I know the key to staying happy (or at least content) at post. It’s simple, really: don’t compare life at post to life in the US. That’s it. Yes, there are tons of things I miss about life in America, but complaining about the lack of a Target isn’t going to get me any closer to having one. A lot of post happiness has to do with expectations, and high expectations are almost always a setup for disappointment.

It also helps to do things just for yourself. This is particularly important for an EFM who is either unemployed or underemployed, because sometimes we just need to feel better about things and if that means a trip to the mall or a mani/pedi, so be it. Or even leaving the kitchen a mess for a bit longer and going to read a book instead.


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