the 13 of 2013: Belgrade

The biggest thing that happened in 2013 was that we moved back overseas, to Belgrade, Serbia. I did write an update about our first week here, and as we are into month eight of being here I think we can safely say we love it — and it is not the honeymoon phase talking, because that should be way over by now. Belgrade may not have been our top bid, but ultimately we lucked out with it. Of course, I have my complaints (*cough* not living downtown *cough*), but we do have a really great life here.

view of kalemegdan

The photo above is the view of Kalemegdan, an old fortress, taken from another part of the park. It is located in downtown Belgrade, around the corner where the Sava and Danube rivers meet.


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  1. Ah, Belgrade was one of my top choices : ) Good to see my suspicions about it being a great place were correct!

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