the 13 of 2013: georgetown stonewalls

We were lucky enough to have season tickets to Georgetown Hoyas’ basketball games in section 118 without knowing that the newly-formed alumni support group, the Georgetown Stonewalls, were based there. In 118, watching games was just like it had been in college; only better. It was regularly the most-filled section of the Verizon Center, and I would say that it was always the loudest. And definitely had the most spirit. Scarves, flags, banners, signs, chants, you name it. Sadly, we were consistently more enthusiastic than the current Hoyas.

I’m writing all this in the past tense since we are now thousands of miles away, unable to attend any Hoyas game this year (or the next); the Stonewalls are still going strong! So far, we’ve managed to catch part of two games on AFN — they don’t show nearly enough college basketball!

Last year, I let Scarlett model my Stonewalls scarf and Casual Hoya headband:

gu stonewall scarf

casual hoya headband


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