the top 15 of 2015

It is really hard to believe that 2015 is almost over… but it is also hard to believe how much we’ve done in just one year!

I’m still working out what 15 things will make it into the top list for 2015 (because, let’s be honest, there was so much going on!) and I’ve been having fun looking back at the lists from last year, 2013, and even back to 2012!

Who knows what 2016 will have in store, though I really do think 2015 will be hard to top, but that’s one of the exciting things of a blank year ahead — the possibilities are pretty much endless! Here’s a snapshot from last year’s New Year’s Eve celebration in Belgrade:


Enjoy thinking back on your 2015 and I hope your 2016 gets off to a good start! Things are relatively quiet here, as Brussels has cancelled the fireworks celebration (as of this morning) due to heightened terror alerts. Although this is not Serbia — so no celebratory gunfire — we’ve been hearing people sporadically set off small fireworks in the neighborhood all evening.

I will post the full top 2015 list below so keep checking back over the next couple of weeks!


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