the 15 of 2015: road trip to austria

The first trip we took in 2015 was one to go skiing in Austria with my sister. None of us had been skiing in years and we loved that we were able to hop in our car and drive from Belgrade to some great skiing. Part of the drive involved us putting our car on a train to go through a mountain. I mean, how cool is that?! For this trip, we stayed in the spa town of Bad Hofgastein, which was very cute and right up the road from the more well-known Bad Gastein.

In fact, in this area, there are a series of towns to which one can ski, so we were able to check out a few different places from our base in Bad Hofgastein, which was very cool. The temperature wasn’t as frigid as I had feared (though we did get a lot of snow our first day), and unlike in the US where most places I’ve been are predominately served by chairlifts, this ski area mostly had enclosed lifts, with both cable cars and gondolas, which are much warmer than chairlifts! I chose to snowboard on this trip, though I do think next time I may try skiing again (even though just the idea of putting ski boots on my feet is enough to make me cringe!).


On our last full day in Bad Hofgastein, I opted to try out the local spa instead of hitting the slopes, and I think all three of us were happier for it: without me to hold them back, Grant and my sister had an epic day, skiing 35.8 miles, and I got to have a massage and hang out in some pretty awesome pools, steam rooms, and saunas.

After a few days of skiing, we drove to Salzburg for some culture time. We loved walking the old streets, picturing at times either Mozart hanging around or the Sound of Music — full disclosure, we did not go on a Sound of Music tour, though I was tempted! Maybe if we go back in the spring or summer…


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