the 14 of 2014: trapan winery

Last spring, on a trip to Istria, we had what has been my favorite wine tasting to date. It was at Wine Station Trapan, located in Šišan, a bit outside of Pula in southern Istria — so a bit off the beaten path when it comes to Istrian wineries, as most of them are farther north. Unlike most wineries in the region, Trapan has

Although Bruno, the owner, was there for part of our tasting, we were primarily with David (whose English is excellent), and loved how detailed he was when it came to explaining the wines and their winemaking process. It was by far the most hands-on tasting I’ve ever had, too. We got to roll barrels in the barrel room and taste wine right out of the tanks! We also learned more about why wine glasses have different shapes and found out that Riedel recently released glasses just for Malvazija wine.

Sometime in the coming months, I plan on writing more about our Istrian experiences, including a more detailed account of our wine tasting at Trapan. When that happens, I’ll link it here.



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