the 14 of 2014: dc training trip

In the fall, Grant had a training trip to DC, and I decided to go with him. Originally, I thought I would let him go on his own and I would stay home and keep Scarlett company, but following our return to Serbia after our late-summer R&R, I was bumming hard. R&R was great. We spent... Continue Reading →

the 14 of 2014: new neighbors

Life as an expat is invariably full of ups and downs, and it is the people who really make the difference when it comes to how those ups and downs impact one's overall life experience. As we're nearing the end of our second tour, I've realized what a gift making a true friend is, particularly... Continue Reading →

the 14 of 2014: yoga

The biggest change in my day-to-day life that happened this past year is that I started doing yoga a few times a week. I had always enjoyed yoga, though most of my experience with it had been the occasional class following ballet, just for doing so,ethnicity not a little different, back in the day. Now,... Continue Reading →

the 14 of 2014: lauren’s wedding

We planned our R&R around the wedding of one of our friends from high school. As expected, it was a blast! To this day, some of my high school friends remain my closest friends, and I am incredibly grateful for the friendships we have. I always look forward to getting together with my girlfriends from... Continue Reading →

the 14 of 2014: trapan winery

Last spring, on a trip to Istria, we had what has been my favorite wine tasting to date. It was at Wine Station Trapan, located in Šišan, a bit outside of Pula in southern Istria -- so a bit off the beaten path when it comes to Istrian wineries, as most of them are farther... Continue Reading →

the 14 of 2014: our next assignment

After the oh-so-crazy bidding process began, we were on pins and needles, wondering about our next assignment. To make matters more nerve-racking the State Department released a cable telling all bidders that, basically, this was the hardest bidding season to date.  What great news to get in the middle of your first time doing midlevel bidding... Continue Reading →

the 14 of 2014: tracing our slovak roots

During our trip to check out Christmas markets with Grant's step-brother, we decided to add Bratislava onto what was originally a trip to Budapest. As it turns out, Grant and I are both a quarter Slovak, and his great-aunt had sent us information about the Slovak side of his family, so we decided to see if we could... Continue Reading →

the 14 of 2014: my mom came

In the early summer, my mom finally came to visit! Overall, we've been really lucky with family visitors and have had nearly everyone come to see us in Belgrade (some people more than once!). It was great having all the other visitors, too, but I decided to pick just one to discuss in the 2014... Continue Reading →

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