the 14 of 2014: my mom came

In the early summer, my mom finally came to visit! Overall, we’ve been really lucky with family visitors and have had nearly everyone come to see us in Belgrade (some people more than once!). It was great having all the other visitors, too, but I decided to pick just one to discuss in the 2014 highlights. Since I’ve always been really close with my mom and from the moment we arrived there were things I wanted to share with her, I decided to use her visit here.

Having her here was great, but the time definitely went by much too quickly. We showed her around Belgrade and did some smaller trips within Serbia, so she was able to get a feel for where we live, both the city and the country. In this crazy lifestyle, it is hard to give friends and family back home the sense of what our life is actually like, so I am glad I have been able to share aspects of it with those who have made it out to visit us, whether here or in Uzbekistan (where this really rang true — unless someone has been to a country of the former Soviet Union, particularly a Central Asian one, it is hard to accurately describe what life is like in one).

One of my sisters was here at the same time as my mom and we did a little girls’ trip to Budapest during the week when Grant was in work, which was a lot of fun. My dad came out for a little, too, and with him, we all piled in the car and took a trip to Lake Bled, Slovenia.

There are a couple of tentative visitors we might have in our last few months here in Serbia. It’s hard to believe that we’re getting to that point already! I think a number of people are holding out for our next post, however… and while I don’t blame them, Serbia is listed on many of the “visit now” lists, as it is considered up and coming, so really, now would be a great time to visit. I’m just sayin’.

we had to drag my mom away from the flower section at Kalenic, which is perhaps the nicest green market in Belgrade
the lemonade in Budapest is fairly awesome. I have fallen in love with elderflower lemonade, which is basically the best thing ever

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  1. I hear you about the visitors thing…for some reason, Argentina doesn’t seem to be at the top of people’s travel lists either. But believe me, if I had the money, I’d be going to Serbia! From what I’ve seen on your blog over the past couple of years, it looks like a pretty charming place. Your next post is in Belgium, right? When do you go?
    Also, on a completely different note, Tomas and I just got your Christmas card! Thanks for thinking of us!

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