the 14 of 2014: montenegro with a view

In the spring, when my mother-in-law was visiting, we took a number of trips, and one of them was to Montenegro. I had wanted to visit Montenegro ever since seeing the 2006 James Bond film, Casino Royale (even if no filming actually took place in Montenegro). Although Montenegro is quite close to Serbia, the roads are not great and we’ve heard horror stories about certain border crossings, so when we went, we flew into Tivat. We rented a car and stayed in a friend’s family apartment in Herceg Novi.

The whole trip was fantastic. Our friends had arranged for a wonderful woman to open up the apartment for us, and not only did she open it up but she also cooked us a multi-course meal and chatted with us for quite some time (she did not know English, so Grant played translator for his mom and me, when I needed help understanding). In arranging for our stay at their apartment, our friends neglected to tell us how amazing the view was!

bay-of-kotor-viewI seriously could not get over it. We hopped up to Dubrovnik, Croatia, which was picturesque but way too crowded with tourists (thanks a lot, Game of Thrones!), did a quick stop in Trebinje, Bosnia, visited Kotor and a number of the small Venetian towns around the Bay of Kotor, and even went on the dangerous Cetinje-Kotor road, with its 25 hairpin turns. It was quite the trip, and I hope we get to make it back someday soon, perhaps when the weather is a bit nicer, as we had quite a bit of rain.

But really, that view! I could spend hours just looking at the water (hmm, I think I did…).


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