cook and book

In early September, we took a little day trip to Maastricht, in the Netherlands. Partly because we wanted to visit a new place and partly because I specifically wanted to visit the cool bookstore there that I had read about in an article on beautiful bookstores around the world. Our trip was great and someday... Continue Reading →

the 13 of 2013: bagels

In 2013, I learned to make bagels from scratch.  This may seem like an insignificant accomplishment to many Americans, but trust me, this was a big deal. When living abroad, other than friends and family, food is the big thing that people tend to miss. The US is really the only place in the world... Continue Reading →

serbian food, belgrade restaurants

I recently had my first taste of Serbian food -- and it was delicious. We went to this hole-in-the-wall place downtown that Grant had previously been to, and as we were on the early side, we had the place nearly to ourselves. We had the very traditional, very Serbian ćevapi. Grilled ground meat, but nothing like... Continue Reading →

red lentil soup with farfallette

If the availability of Starbucks' pumpkin spice lattes weren't enough to make one aware of the changing seasons, the advent of cool days and cooler nights certainly means autumn has arrived. In addition to layering, riding boots, and pumpkins, fall is the time to break out the big pots and begin making soup again. When... Continue Reading →

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