recipe: curried lentils

When I got married, one of the things my mom gave me was the "More-With-Less" Mennonite cookbook, something she and my dad had often cooked from in the early years of their marriage. Although I haven't used it nearly as much as I should have (as everything we've tried has been excellent), one of the... Continue Reading →

cook and book

In early September, we took a little day trip to Maastricht, in the Netherlands. Partly because we wanted to visit a new place and partly because I specifically wanted to visit the cool bookstore there that I had read about in an article on beautiful bookstores around the world. Our trip was great and someday... Continue Reading →

serbian food in belgrade

Not to be confused with my June 17, 2013 post, Serbian Food, Belgrade Restaurants... It is nearly a year later and I can safely say that my thoughts about food at post remain unchanged: I love Serbian food. Although I don't think I could eat ćevapi every day, I can happily eat it quite often,... Continue Reading →

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