serbian food in belgrade

Not to be confused with my June 17, 2013 post, Serbian Food, Belgrade Restaurants... It is nearly a year later and I can safely say that my thoughts about food at post remain unchanged: I love Serbian food. Although I don't think I could eat ćevapi every day, I can happily eat it quite often,... Continue Reading →

the 13 of 2013: bagels

In 2013, I learned to make bagels from scratch.  This may seem like an insignificant accomplishment to many Americans, but trust me, this was a big deal. When living abroad, other than friends and family, food is the big thing that people tend to miss. The US is really the only place in the world... Continue Reading →

the 13 of 2013: mondo

Grant and I went back to Croatia a few months later, except this time we went to Istria for truffle season. This had been a dream of mine for some time and, ever since we watched Anthony Bourdain's No Reservations episode, we had really wanted to go to a number of specific places and restaurants... Continue Reading →

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