tweet me, valentine

Valentine’s Day this year is gray and gloomy, but perfect for curling up by the fire with a book, some hot chocolate, and conversation heart candies sent all the way from the US in a care package just for me! While watching the Olympics, of course.

Serbia isn’t as Valentines-crazed as the US, but it is also nothing like our previous post. When we were in Uzbekistan, Valentine’s Day was — officially — cancelled. Last year, the state television aired a program that claimed celebrating Valentine’s Day was correlated with terrorism. The fight against the holiday continues this year where a number of universities in Uzbekistan asked students to sign contracts promising not to celebrate it.

Back to my care package: I noticed something peculiar about the conversation hearts I got. The flavors are different! I’m no candy connoisseur, but I am a huge fan of Necco wafers, and I was highly disappointed when I tried the hearts — they’re really fruity, and not at all like the Necco wafers I love. What gives, Necco?

conversation heart

Before eating a conversation heart, I always check to see what it says. Now, I don’t know how recently “TWEET ME” was added to the phrase repertoire, but can anyone honestly tell me they’ve heard that phrase used? Ever? Twitter isn’t exactly the right medium for a romantic message or the beginnings of a flirtation. No one says “tweet me.” “Call me”? Yes. “Text me”? Of course. “Email me”? Naturally. Even “Facebook me” is something I’ve heard. But “tweet me”? Never. I’m guessing that the guy in charge of choosing the phrases is not the most social media-savvy.

Feel free to let me know if I’m wrong about all this. Hey, you can even tweet me!


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