why we travel for wine

Some people collect stamps. Some collect magnets from places they've visited. We collect wine. The best part? We also drink it, which not only helps us relive some of our travels but also keeps us from accumulating more knickknacks and other things that are bound to take up too much weight or break easily when we move.

museum of the belgian brewers

Back when my brother was here, we did a lot of beer-related activities. We are in Belgium, after all! One of the first things we did was visit the Museum of the Belgian Brewers, conveniently located in the middle of downtown, right on the Grand Place. When we went, it was his first day in Brussels, so... Continue Reading →

avala tv tower

Last weekend, we went with the old man who is our backyard neighbor on a trip to Avala, where the nearby TV tower is located, on top of a small mountain. Not only is the tower there, but there are also picnic grounds, a hotel, and a number of memorials. We are in the middle... Continue Reading →

belgrade day trip: viminacium

We were able to see some more of Serbia's rich history the other day when we took a quick day trip. An hour and a half or so outside of Belgrade, there are the remains of a Roman town, Viminacium. Our Garmin didn't have the site itself, so we picked a destination nearby and then... Continue Reading →

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