looking back: a regret

As PCS (permanent change of station, i.e. moving time) season is upon us, I've taken a moment to think back on what I miss most from our last assignment and what I think I'll miss most from this one. Life in the Foreign Service is a life inevitably full of nostalgia, as any life that is... Continue Reading →

No, it was not just a pile of rusted metal... It dutifully woke us up at 7:30 on numerous Sundays.

housing in belgrade

So it finally happened: we found out where we will be living for the next two years! One of the many perks of Foreign Service life is that we are usually assigned housing from a pool of properties owned or rented by the US government. The size of one's house depends on the availability and... Continue Reading →

flag day revisited

January 29, 2010 was a huge day for us: it was Grant's Flag Day. Flag Day is when everyone assembles in the gym at FSI to sit in rows of chairs in front of a table covered in mini flags. Bingo sheets of post names are handed out and people are encouraged to play by... Continue Reading →

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