walking the dog

Before arriving to a new place, we wonder what it will be like to walk Scarlett. In Uzbekistan, we tended to stick to the complex in which our house was located, venturing beyond the gates to meet Grant on his way home from work. We knew a lot of places to walk in and around... Continue Reading →

christmas in september

One of the inevitabilities of foreign service life is moving, and lots of it. We've already moved to a different continent and back, and we're doing the same in May: three continents in the first two years of our marriage! As if we wanted more, after moving to Oakwood Falls Church in the beginning of... Continue Reading →

aaaand we’re back

Greetings from the State Department ghetto (I didn't make that up: please see this Washington Post article from 2011 -- that being said, it is no misnomer): Oakwood Falls Church. There have been some nice updates since our last stay, two years ago, and we've enjoyed our first few days here. Scarlett is settling in pretty... Continue Reading →

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