the 15 of 2015: a reunion

One of the great things about living abroad is going home to family and friends. I think being overseas has helped me appreciate where I came from more than if I had never left, and I certainly appreciate the people close to me in my life more than I think they know. Last spring, I brought Scarlett to... Continue Reading →

the 15 of 2015: best pizza in the world

We're pretty much all about food and wine in this house, so it shouldn't come as a surprise that one of my top things from 2015 was finding and eating the best pizza ever. I've eaten a lot of pizza and this was seriously the best I've ever had. Where did I have such good... Continue Reading →

the 14 of 2014: new neighbors

Life as an expat is invariably full of ups and downs, and it is the people who really make the difference when it comes to how those ups and downs impact one's overall life experience. As we're nearing the end of our second tour, I've realized what a gift making a true friend is, particularly... Continue Reading →

the 14 of 2014: yoga

The biggest change in my day-to-day life that happened this past year is that I started doing yoga a few times a week. I had always enjoyed yoga, though most of my experience with it had been the occasional class following ballet, just for doing so,ethnicity not a little different, back in the day. Now,... Continue Reading →

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