anniversary dinner at la mamma

Just days after our arrival in Brussels, we celebrated our wedding anniversary. It blows my mind at just how much we have done in our first four years of marriage, especially the big things like getting Scarlett, learning a completely new language, living in four countries on three different continents (and all the headaches and... Continue Reading →

the 14 of 2014: dc training trip

In the fall, Grant had a training trip to DC, and I decided to go with him. Originally, I thought I would let him go on his own and I would stay home and keep Scarlett company, but following our return to Serbia after our late-summer R&R, I was bumming hard.┬áR&R was great. We spent... Continue Reading →

sour cherry crumble pie

One afternoon in Tashkent, I was walking around the backyard with Scarlett when I realized one of the trees in our backyard was a sour cherry tree. Feeling like a modern-day pioneer woman, I decided to make a pie. I wouldn't recommend pitting six plus cups of cherries without any help (a willing friend, spouse,... Continue Reading →

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