fun in bruges

Whenever someone found out our next assignment was going to be Brussels, nine times out of ten that person would ask, "Oooh, and are you going to visit Bruges?" (And no, we have not yet seen the movie In Bruges -- but it is on the to-watch-soon list.) Friends of ours who have served in Brussels twice recommended... Continue Reading →

perkov salaš

Last weekend, Grant and I joined an embassy trip organized by the CLO (Community Liaison Office) to Perkov Salaš, about an hour outside of Belgrade in a region called Fruška Gora. A salaš is a working farm that is open to the public during certain hours and provides a slice of typical Serbian life. Although this was our... Continue Reading →

avala tv tower

Last weekend, we went with the old man who is our backyard neighbor on a trip to Avala, where the nearby TV tower is located, on top of a small mountain. Not only is the tower there, but there are also picnic grounds, a hotel, and a number of memorials. We are in the middle... Continue Reading →

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